Did You See The Big Snake In Uranus?

If you haven’t seen the big snake in Uranus, you have really missed out. Uranus has one of the sweetest pythons around and his name is Romeo. Romeo is a much-loved character at the Uranus Sideshow Museum.

All the ladies love Romeo. Red, our resident magician, clown, escape artist, etc. likes to take Romeo out in front of the museum and invite visitors to touch him. Romeo is very laid back and doesn’t mind the attention. He’s pretty famous in Uranus and other places. He’s had his picture taken with all kinds of folks, even pin-up models.

Romeo is an albino Burmese python who was rescued from a bad situation to land in Uranus. He makes his home in an enclosure inside the museum, along with the museum’s giant rodent (a capybara named Peanut), a live two-headed turtle, a talking parrot named Arthur, as well as a whole host of oddities.

The Sideshow Museum is open daily from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and is a can’t-miss in Uranus. In addition to the cool animals, there are performers on-site such as our sword swallower, Kat, and the aforementioned, Red. New things get added all the time and every visit, most folks see something they didn’t notice or that wasn’t there before. Follow the Sideshow on Facebook to see what they’re up to!