Did you know there’s a two headed shark in Uranus?

The two headed shark in Uranus is one of more than 100 exhibits in the Uranus Sideshow Museum.


It’s shark week in Uranus and we want to tell you about our favorite shark of all time, the two headed bull shark at the Uranus Sideshow Museum. Uranus’ sideshow museum is one of a handful left and holds over 100 exhibits and historical pieces from the sideshow era. The shark is a more modern edition to the museum’s exhibits and a curious specimen that has several claims to fame.

The shark was discovered by a fisherman off of the Florida Keys in 2013, when he caught a female bull shark pregnant with two fetuses. Our shark was one of those fetuses. The fisherman handed it off to the scientific community for study.

Michael Wagner, of Michigan State University, lead the team studying the shark and our shark got a new claim to fame when they published an article about it in the Journal of Fish Biology. The two-headed shark in Uranus has had several articles written about it, including one from National Geographic.

The Uranus Sideshow Museum‘s two headed bull shark has been confirmed by scientists to be a shark with two heads, not an instance of conjoined twins, according to the research conducted on the specimen, giving it yet another claim to fame.

When the owner of the specimen sold it, it was part of a bidding war that included several noted entities in the world of natural oddities, including Ripley’s. The specimen ended up costing $10,000 in the final bid and we’re so glad that it has landed in Uranus. It’s one of the very cool things visitors can find in the Uranus Sideshow Museum, among other historical and famous pieces.