“IT” is coming, Friday August 21st

This week begins the BIGGEST 10 weeks of FUN to EVER hit Mid-Missouri

and “IT” all starts Friday August 21st

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More info under the Video

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$1500 in Cash and Prizes

($1200 in CASH!!)

Lots of Crazy Games and Nonsense Throughout the night for lots of different prizes and CASH. The final contest (chosen at random through a ticket drawing) will have a chance to win a $100, $250, $500 or $1000 CASH Prize

  OTHER prizes include Free T-shirts, more cash,  Free Food, Free Cover for a month to Big Louie’s and Chicken Bones, Skin City Tattoo Gift Certificates and even some FREE Fudge from the Uranus Fudge Factory

It all starts at 10pm, Friday Night!

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Friday Night at Big Louie’s will be cRazY FUN TOO with Free T-shirts and Free Pass Giveaways throughout the night and in Big Louie’s After Hours, 3 people will compete for $250 in our hilarious “Whack-Your-Mole” Game.

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“IT” runs from August 21st Thru October 31st (Halloween)

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We will be releasing our entire Schedule of Events on Wed. August 26th and here are a few of the Events/Things that we will have happening  listed Below:

  1. “Roll to WIN” a $35,000 Car (everyone gets a chance and we already gave one away with this game. so yes, we know someone can do it )
  2. 99 Bottles of Beer for $10,000
  3. All the UFC and Boxing Pay Per Views
  4. MIss Uranus contest
  5. 2 Monster Balls in Uranus (part of our BIG Chicken Bones Halloween Extravaganza)
  6. Pint-Sized Pepper (One of our FAVORITE Midget features and also a part of our BIG Halloween Extravaganza at Big Louie’s)
  7. Our 3rd annual Fall Testicle Festival
  8. Grand Opening celebration of Mission Outpost Outdoor Outfitters,  The FunkYard on Route 66 and The Uranus Fudge Factory and General Store
  9.  and MUCH MORE to be announced on Wed. August 26th

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