Big Baller Game Rules

Big Baller Rules
K2 Restaurant Concepts, inc. DBA Chicken Bones and Big Louie’s

If a person should win the $10,000 Big Baller party the following rules apply

Must be redeemed before Dec, 31 2016
May only be redeemed on a sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday or thursday. No redemptions on friday or saturday
May only be redeemed for food, drink and cover charge while at either Big Louie’s or Chicken Bones.
No take out allowed of food or drink
No cash value. No cash, check or other financial instrument will be given to winner for any reason.
This is for one night of redemption only. Any left over value of the prize is voided after the night ends (posted closing time of business for businesses)
We may cut off serving alcohol to any person due to intoxication.
We reserve the right to cut off the promotion at any time during the claiming period due to cases deemed detrimental to the company. This is at the sole discretion of K2 Restaurant Concepts, inc or it’s affiliates
May not be redeemed for tips to staff
The management reserves the right to add to or remove any of these rules to prevent what they would consider to be attempts to thwart the general intent of the contest.