Welcome to Uranus!

Uranus Missouri on Route 66

Howdy Friends and Neighbors

I am very excited to welcome you to Uranus Missouri on Historic Route 66. As the Mayor of Uranus, it is my great privilege to live, work and have fun in Uranus.

We are a relatively new destination on the Route 66 tour, but don’t let that fool you. Uranus is FULL of fun things to do and the list gets longer almost every day.

This is my first blog post as Mayor of Uranus, so let me tell you a little bit of about what is going on here. I know I can’t get it all into just one blog post, but I promise to try and cover the important stuff

We currently have 3 businesses already open in Uranus and 3 more that will be open within the next 6 months. You will find a list of them below.  We are also looking for people to open new businesses in Uranus and will be helping them get started with our new “Crowdfund Uranus Project”  which you can find on our website.

It is our goal to see at least 5-10 other new businesses open in Uranus in 2014. Who knows, with your help, we might even open more than that.

Founded in 2000, Uranus started out with just 3 acres, then in 2004 we expanded to 7 acres and today, we have a whopping 38 acres in which to grow.  We are also in negotiations to purchase another 22 acre tract that adjoins us.

There’s plenty of room in Uranus to grow.

Our mission in Uranus is to launch Small Businesses, Create New Jobs and most importantly, Have FUN. Below is a list of our businesses that are currently here or in the building stage and also partial list of things that are just for fun.

Click the Link to visit each Business.
1. Chicken Bones Party Bar and Grill
The best place in Missouri for Wings (and burgers and more!)

2. Skin City Tattoo
Voted Pulaski County’s #1 Tattoo Studio

3. Big Louie’s Burlesque Saloon
A World Famous Gentlemen’s Club

4. Mission Outpost Outdoor Outfitters (opening March 2014)
Guns, Archery, Guns, Ammo, Indoor Gun Range, Camping, Guns, Fishing, More Guns, Tactical supply, Pistols, Survival Gear, Rifles and much more….including some Guns

5. Backroad Printing (Opening Dec 2013)
Custom Apparel Screenprinting, Embroidery, Engraving, Graphics and more.

6. Uranus General Store (Opening April 2014)

And we will soon be posting new businesses that we are hoping we can build (or help someone build) in 2014 (see the list here)


1. The Uranus Firetruck
A 1956 Ward-Larfrance. This old beauty can still put out any fire in Uranus.

Uranus Firetruck

2. Ol’ Blackie
A 9 foot tall statue in honor of the best fighting cock ever in Uranus.

Ol' Blackie will be on the lot by the middle of Oct, 2013

Ol’ Blackie will be on the lot by the middle of Oct, 2013

And we have some really awesome surprises for 2014!

You can also see our progress this summer by visiting my facebook page HERE

Again, thanks for visiting our website and we hope to see you soon

Mayor Louie Keen

Louie Keen