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Big Sign at Uranus

Hello Peasants, Minions and Illustrious Guests of Uranus,

    It’s hard to believe that it has been 15 years since I opened Big Louie’s in Saint Robert, right at the front gate of Fort Leonard Wood.  It was definitely a very tough first year.   Today is the 15th anniversary of our Grand Opening

   In February 2000, we opened a second location (where we are now currently located) and then we closed the 1st location by the main gate in July of 2000.

   It was in that next  month (August 2000) that our current location made a TON of money.  Well, it seemed like it was a ton of money back then.  Today, it wouldn’t cover  our labor costs for a month, not to mention all the other things we have to pay now.  However, It did show us that we had what it took to be successful.

   The idea for Uranus Missouri came to me in 2004.  We were chugging along quite nicely then. However, in 2005, we hit a roadbump, then again in 2006, then after crawling out of those holes,  the entire community was hit by a severe economic downturn in late 2010 and we are still feeling the effects today (3 restaurants in St. Robert closed in the last month, just to give you an idea)

  Yet, we have continued to grow. We have taken everything that could be thrown at us and not only survived, but gotten stronger.

   It was earlier this year that I decided to take the idea for “Uranus Missouri” off the shelf, dust it off and aggressively pursue the “Uranus Project”

In April 2013, we started a massive remodel and renovations project, both the inside and out of our businesses.  For those of you in the area, I am sure you have seen the changes, but we aren’t even 1/2 of the way there yet (and that is just for the “old” part of the town)

    We have also purchased an additional 31.5 acres beside us and are going to start building on it this coming spring.

   And wait until you see what we are building where we tore down the old “Cap’n Poupy’s” building. It will blow your mind!!

We still need to renovate the front of the Chicken Bones buildings and also the tattoo shop building.  The Tattoo Studio is actually moving into one of the new buildings where the old capn poupy’s was located. What will go in that building?  I am not exactly sure, but I have a few ideas

   We are currently building a new Outdoor Outfitters Store with an indoor gun range and also an indoor archery range.  the total area is almost 12,000 sqft with  the ranges.

   We are also in the process of opening our Custom Apparel/Screenprinting/Embroidery/Banners/Graphics shop.   One of our 3 offices/showrooms will be located in Uranus. The other 2 are in Washburn and Rolla.   We will be opening offices in other surrounding counties come spring and are looking for local people to partner with us in those locales.

So what are some of the new businesses we are opening in 2014?  Well, I don’t want to give away too many surprises but I will let you in on some of it.

   Currently, we have 8 new businesses planned (10 (ten)if you count the 2 others I was just mentioning) on the property (now 38 acres)

Uranus General Store– This will be a Route 66 and Uranus memorabilia store with a lot of awesome and funny stuff in it.

Paintball Course and Store– No name for it yet, but it will have woodland and scenario courses, plus a nice retail store

The Wedding Chapel/Old Tyme Photo/ Photography Studio-  This will actually appear to be 3 separate businesses, but they will all be adjacent to each other and ran/owned by the same person.

before I go any farther, let me point out that very soon, I will be looking for people to partner with me to own some of these businesses. DO NOT send me anything about how you want to be a partner until I have set all of the process up.  If you send me anything before that, you will be out of the running

Uranus Fudgepackers-  a Chocolate and Fudge Factory where people can come in and watch it all being made

PLUS, 2 other Top Secret projects that we will announce when we get closer.

We have several other businesses that we are planning to open after we get this first phase completed, so if you haven’t seen your dream business, keep checking back as we will be listing all the businesses we are pursuing very soon.

Lastly, I want to thank everyone who has supported me throughout the years.   It has been a wild ride, but we have created a lot of good jobs and are planning on creating a lot more over the next 15 years

Mayor Louie Keen



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