We got 9 inches in Uranus!

snowST. ROBERT, MO – Citizens of St. Robert were surprised to see a little snow on the ground Friday morning, but not nearly as surprised by those just a few miles away who woke to an unexpected nine inches in Uranus. Although city plows worked throughout the day, locals are still finding it difficult to travel in and around Uranus. It looks like winter is here, it came late last night and blew right into Uranus.


Businesses and schools are expected to be open even though it seems Uranus has completely frozen over. Reports indicate that the children seem to be the only ones enjoying this miraculous event as they are seen constantly playing around Uranus. Area resident Kraig Koger stated he and his friends have been throwing snowballs in Uranus all day and are glad to have a break from school. His little sister has been making giant snowmen in every yard in hopes that it will encourage everyone to enjoy the “white stuff” in Uranus.


Downtown construction crews littered the area around the water tower (the largest erection in Uranus) as it began to lean heavily in one direction early this morning. Workers believe that the sudden unexpected load and over saturated area in Uranus could be the cause. Mayor Louie Keen and Deputy Mayor Brian Muench said in a written statement that they are doing everything they can to preserve the iconic water tower saying, “even though it may be old, the tower is an important erection in Uranus. We build things to last around here.”

The nine police officers in the town were busy, large in part to vehicle pileups throughout the day as stubborn locals tried to pull out of Uranus during the storm. Police are urging everyone not to panic and to stay off the roads. They expect the power to be restored to Uranus before tomorrow. The chief says that if you are having trouble in Uranus to sit tight, there will be an officer making rounds who can assist you. State officials say they will have heavy equipment arriving in the morning and hope to have traffic moving freely in and out of Uranus by tomorrow afternoon.