10 Things You Didn’t Know About Uranus


10 things I doubt you knew about Uranus Missouri:

1. Over 10,000 families visit Uranus Missouri each month, making us a huge contributor to the local economy. In local jobs and taxes paid.

2. When you shop at the Fudge Factory and General Store, Mission Outpost, or eat a Chicken Bones, your dollars stay locally. They don’t go to some Corp. Headquarters in another state.

3. Uranus Missouri employs over 80 local folks.

4. Drug testing is done regularly on employees, anyone found to be using illegal substances are dismissed on the spot.

5. The adult club doesn’t open until 8:00pm, if you wish to go there, you won’t see as much as you will at the beach and not even close to what you will see on your weekly show Game of Thrones. I helped pass that law in 2010.

6. On average, 2 tour buses stop at Uranus each week, and countless families traveling the interstate, car clubs, and yea, even church groups. It truly has become a tourist destination.

7. Some ask why the name “Uranus”, simple… it’s marketing. If it were called “Tom’s Hillbilly Store” nobody would stop. No tour buses, no families traveling from other states. Their dollars wouldn’t be in our local economy. It’s nothing more than great marketing.

8. Uranus donates free indoor range time to several local law enforcement agencies, city, county, and state officials.

9. Being a place with a Federal Firearms License, that serves food, alcohol, sells tobacco, one that makes homemade candy/fudge, all together makes Uranus one of the most regulated businesses in the county. You bet we play by the rules.

10. Uranus Missouri supports local charities and groups. To name a few, 4H, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Shop With a Cop, Animal Shelters, local Law Enforcement, Little Heroes Playground, local schools, volunteer groups, and the list goes on and on.

And a bonus….. Because of online sales of t-shirts, coffee mugs, and candy, money is coming to our local economy from all 50 states without them actually traveling to Missouri.

Heart Heather Gray