Here comes the PoPo!

Heads up Pulaski County! The Uranus Police Department will be out serving and protecting Uranus this Saturday as they represent Uranus in the Route 66 Challenge. The famous Uranus Police Department car will be cruising Route 66 in Pulaski County as our staff competes in the Route 66 Challenge.

Driving the classic 1949 Chevy Deluxe, if she lets us resurrect her, will be Uranus’ own Jenny from the block, Jenny Keown. Jenny is a tough mom of three who knows how to compete and learned to drive a three on the tree in her dad’s old pick-up truck. Jenny serves and protects Uranus as a human resources manager.  

Backing Jenny up with the driving will be cute, but tough, Kim Huffman. Kim is a fun, wise-cracking member of the Uranus Examiner staff, serving and protecting Uranus as the Examiner’s office manager. Kim is a local lady who knows the ins and outs of Pulaski County and is a competitor worth watching!

Documenting the competition will be Uranus Examiner Managing Editor, Natalie Sanders. Natalie is a veteran of the competition and competed in the first one when she was the managing editor of the now closed Waynesville Daily Guide. As a veteran journalist and mom of nine, Natalie can take whatever is thrown at her in stride.

The trio will be documenting the competition via live Facebook videos and photos on Uranus’ Facebook pages and the competition promises to be entertaining to say the least. All three ladies are known for their senses of humor and adventure.

For those that don’t know what the Route 66 Challenge is, it’s an adventure game where participants travel to eight different spots on Route 66 in Pulaski County and try challenges at those spots. Participants earn points for each adventure, depending on how well they do and the team with the most points in the winner.

The game is put on by the Waynesville-St. Robert Chamber of Commerce and is an annual event. Wish the Uranus Police Force luck as they participate this Saturday!