Chicken Bones $25,000 Contest



MARCH 25th 2015

We promised you a night that could “Change Your Life”……and we delivered! (of course, we had to reschedule to this date because of the winter storm “Thor”)

Not only that, we have another $1000 in other prizes to be given away.



(Make sure you read all the way to the bottom so you know how to compete)

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Todd “that one guy” Thomas will be here.  
Todd has been the in-game emcee for the St. Louis Cardinals for 20 years and is the best emcee in the USA.   Everytime Todd comes to Chicken Bones and runs the show, it is a wild and crazy night,

$1000 in Guaranteed Prizes

We will play some of the craziest, most fun games you will ever witness in a sports bar and grill and a lot of people will go home with some awesome prizes,  Like Cash, Tee Shirts, Free Food….and Cash.

Classic Rock Bingo

Yes, it sounds stupid….until you play it once and then you will be addicted to the hilarity that ensues!



 5 people will try to throw a chicken wing into a glass from 25 feet away.

It can be done and we bought insurance because we think someone will win it (just like the dude who won the $35,000 prize)

The 5 contestants will be chosen as follow

1. Random Draws (2 contestants)
1st one: You will Get a ticket when you come in Chicken Bones and we will draw one from the bucket.  If you have the matching ticket, YOU ARE IN!
2nd from random draw of Classic Rock Bingo Cards that you sign at the end of the game (2 games, so 2 chances)

2. Classic Rock BIngo Winners (2 contestants)   The 1st place winner of each game (not a game of skill, anyone can win)

First Game starts at 9pm and second at 10pm


There are only 120 players per each round.  In Round 1, it will be 1st come, 1st served for the bingo cards.  

In Round 2, The 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners of Round 1 will get guaranteed cards as will approx. 5 other winners of the “in-game” games .  If there are more potential players than the remaining 112 cards, we will play a game called “Coin Flip” to fairly distribute the remaining cards

3. Facebook Share Contest

Share this post and your name will be added to a new pot to be drawn from.

(Please note, if you shared our previous event and reshare this one, you will DOUBLE your chance to win!

This post must be shared by 5pm Wed. March 4th 2015. and be visible on your facebook at the time of the drawing 

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PLUS $1000 in OTHER Prizes….including LOTS OF CASH!



25K wing toss

Neither Staff nor families are allowed to compete for wing toss prize