5 Tips for Escaping Uranus

Escaping Uranus isn’t easy, but it sure is fun!

Have you escaped Uranus yet? If you haven’t tried Escape Uranus yet, you’re missing out on a fun game for the whole family.

What is Escape Uranus? It’s a live, interactive, puzzle game in which the players must solve clues and figure out how to escape within the time allowed. Don’t worry though, players aren’t really locked in, but you do have to solve the rooms to win. Uranus currently has three escape rooms, each with its own theme and ways to escape.

How do you escape Uranus? We can’t tell you that, but game master, Lindsay, does have some tips on escaping Uranus.

  1.      Don’t Overthink It!

“Literally, the clue will be right in front of you,” Lindsay said. The rooms are designed to be challenging, but not impossible. Observant players can solve a room within the time allowed and some can even find themselves on the leaderboard beating the best times of other teams.

  1.      Ransack the Room

Lindsay says players who look in every nook and cranny of a room and observe everything that’s there have the best success rates. “Tap into your inner forensic investigator and ransack the room like you’re trying to solve a crime,” Lindsay said.

  1.      Work Together

Lindsay said that when teams work together and listen to one another, solving the clues is a smoother process. Everyone doesn’t have to work on the same puzzle at the same time, either. “Divide and conquer,” Lindsay advised.

  1.      Listen to Your Game Master

The game master is the one that directs the flow of the game and can send you to the next hint. If you pay close attention to what the game master says before the game starts, you’re less likely to spin your wheels at the start of the game or waste time.

  1.      Lindsay’s Secret Pro Tip

“If you have the first two letters or numbers, the last combo of that letter or number in a 3 digit lock, you’ll be able to identify the last letter or number by trial and error,” Lindsay said this is the tip she uses on rooms. Incidentally, Lindsay has never lost an escape room.