There’s combat in Uranus!


Now you can shoot your friends in Uranus! Combat Sports Uranus is a great place for parties, having some fun, or doing some team building. You can do paintball or combat archery.

How would you like to go to combat in Uranus? Combat Sports Uranus offers combat sports in a great atmosphere. What could be better than getting to shoot at friends in Uranus?

Combat Uranus can accommodate groups up to 20 people, currently, and is planning to expand as Uranus grows. Combat archery is a very popular activity at Combat Uranus. What’s not to like?

“It’s like dodge ball with bows and arrows,” Steve Farris Combat Sports Uranus General Manager said.

Combatants use real bows with arrows that are padded with foam tips that for safety. Just like a video game, you can combat your friends in teams or as individuals to see who is the best combatant.

Additionally, visitors can also do paintball in Uranus and this year, zombies will be invading Uranus beginning in mid-September. We hope to have the zombies beaten when Halloween is over so visitors are welcome to come out and help us defeat the zombies created by Mayor Louie Keen’s evil twin brother Dr. Keen.

Kids as young as 10 can play any of our combat sports and for the younger ones, during the zombie invasion, there will be a pumpkin shoot. Combat Sports Uranus welcomes bookings for birthday parties, team building events, or even just families looking for something fun to do.