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Leave a Mark with Uranus

You won’t want to leave Uranus without something you’ll never forget! Check out our incredible tattoo artists with the ability to make your vision come to life. These skilled artists will make sure your tattoo is perfect so you leave knowing you got exactly what you wanted! Come with an idea and see their art become magic. Skin City Uranus is here to create your unique and custom tattoo!

Our skilled artists want to make sure you are satisfied with your end result. They are trained to create tattoos based on your ideas and thoughts to incorporate your vision.

We accept walk-ins, but it may be beneficial to schedule an appointment to ensure you have enough time allotted to make the perfect design.

What does a tattoo cost?

Tattoos can cost anywhere from $50.00 and up. It depends on the style, size, placement, and ultimately how long it will take to complete. Come in and get a free consultation anytime!

Does getting a tattoo hurt?

Yes, it can hurt! Depending on your pain tolerance, the placement and size can also effect the pain level. Larger tattoos take longer to complete, so make sure you are aware that your comfort will be based on your specific tattoo.

Upcoming Events




Uranus Space Force “Officer Promotion Ceremony”

Uranus Space Force "Officer Promotion Ceremony"



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Thanksgiving Archery Shoot



Thanksgiving Bash 2018

Thanksgiving Bash 2018


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